A New? Blog

Posted by vpatrickd on April 26, 2008

I decided to delete all posts from this blog. I’m starting over. The previous posts were mostly about my hobbies and other stuffs. Now, I will dedicate this blog to write about myself.. my days and feelings as a student here in Indonesia. I will write freely (means if I am hating someone, I am not attempting to prevent myself to not mention it). That’s the purpose of a blog write? To write what you want to write.


3 Responses to “A New? Blog”

  1. Hi vpatrickd!
    Hmmm, kasusnya hampir sama dengan saya. Bedanya aku bikin yg betul2 baru, tapi tidak menghapus yang lama.

    I dedicate my blog to others who read, but the blog itself is my personal thoughts, so it’s like i’m letting other people to read my mind. ^___^

  2. zhanzhe said

    Yang di bunglon malah ga pernah diupdate lagi. Padahal gampang tuh, cuma tinggal kopi kopi aja dari website update anime ato manga.

  3. vpatrickd said

    Tujuan ngeblog gw beda.
    Dan gw juga males nge copy paste nya (soalnya harus edit size gambarnya lagi satu2).

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