Weeks of Procrastination

Posted by vpatrickd on April 26, 2008

What’s coming up in a week is my IB Diploma 2008 Final Exam. The problem is……… I’ve not been productive for weeks. I have one more week left until the Final Exam starts, yet I still have my math and business notes untouched. I’ve reviewed my ES (Env. Systems) and economics (English and BI will be reviewed at last minute I guess).

Why have I been procrastinating? I don’t really know. A month ago we just had our mock exam, which is a practice/preparation for the real exam. I studied like hell for my mock (when I say like hell, I mean it). My mock results are pretty cool. Then came the 1-week holiday and weeks of normal school days where we just review things we have studied. This is just a theory, but I think because I studied like hell for the mock, I assumed the mock was the real thing.. and as a result is unmotivated in studying for the real thing (which is dangerous). I always got sleepy when I tried to study/review lately. But I do not know the real reason. I know I’m not lazy and I’m aiming for the top score: 42, but when it comes to the time when effort is needed…. [damn].

So there you go. Yesterday I decided not to attend Ray and Naren’s b’day as I wanted to study. But what did I do when I got home? I turned on the computer, I read manga, watched movies, and played PES (english version of WE [Winning Eleven]), then went to bed. Damn! I really have to stop doing this. Today I woke up at 9, took a shower, had my breakfast, then wanted to study. I started studying at 10. At first I exercised my math. I encountered a few problems of which I couldn’t solve. I tried to find my textbook but realized that I left it at school. So I decided to study business instead. A few pages gone, and I went over to the computer and started blogging. Why am I so unmotivated? Why are the callings of ‘final exam’ not have any effect on me?

Time is running out. I gotta find a way to stay motivated. (Blogging this is another procrastination I guess).


2 Responses to “Weeks of Procrastination”

  1. denhurd said

    don’t worry… 😦
    be sure you study at least 2 hours a day. 😀

    Note: And stop reading n watching anime/manga. 🙂

    Good luck!

  2. vpatrickd said

    Note: And stop reading n watching anime/manga.

    I can’t stop! It’s too addictive.. especially Geass. >_<
    But thanks for the advice anyway.

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