Countdown to Finals

Posted by vpatrickd on May 2, 2008

NBA Final? Champions League Final? The Final Premier League Games? No… it’s the IB Diploma 2008 Final Exam (holy crap! w00t [slams bedroom door and covers oneself inside a blanket]). It is exactly 2 more days from now. Yes, in 2 days.. I’m facing something that can change my life (yeah.. if my results are bad: no good univ. entrance, if good: good univ. entrance -> good career hopefully).

I spent these last few days before my life changing moment studying in a study group at a friend’s house. So far we’ve covered business and a bit of math. We’d usually go from 10am till 6pm with 30min breaks in between, then go to the mall to grab dinner and relax. Yea, yesterday our ‘relaxing occasion’ is to watch Ironman. What a way to ‘relax’. O yea, it was a great movie, and everyone’s talking about it. There’s apparently an issue that the producers were gonna add an Indonesian terrorist into it but decided not to. And after watching the movie, I thought to myself: ‘what can an Indonesian terrorist do.. against Tony Stark, he can’t do sh*t, except stick a whole lot of C4s on his own body’. So that’s probably why the producers decided not to include that part.

Anyways, it is a bit bizarre.. that this supposedly ‘life changing moment’ which is the IB Diploma Finals does not ‘tick’ me a bit. I’m not stressed, worried or depressed. I’m as lively as possible (btw those few words I add at the beginning of this post was just an exaggeration of what morons would do), and I need to stay healthy since I still need to take the exam even if I was sick. If I got sick, I’d better be in hospital with a broken hand. If not, the IBO would force me to take the exam. That’s how strict (and tough) it is. I can’t afford of getting sick. If I have a deadly virus on me, they’ll put me on a different room so I can do the exam alone (I’m not joking, my friend was forced to do this on the mocks, apparently he got herpes.. a sexual disease LOL).

So, I just need to take care of myself.. and study hard. I’m going to bed. It’s now 12:00am. Oyasumi nasai.


2 Responses to “Countdown to Finals”

  1. cs_1912 said

    wow, it’s tough..
    it’s like the point of no return for you. 🙂

    good luck for the exams…

  2. denhurd said

    Well, good luck and study hard! 😀

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