Went Through a Week of Hell

Posted by vpatrickd on May 8, 2008

not really.. actually. It wasn’t anything like hell, the first week of finals (as if I know what hell’s like). The only ‘hell’ was Math paper 1. It was hard.. so hard, it made a friend of mine cry after it. Another friend told me he looked up over the internet (I dunno where, but most probably in forums or facebook groups), and every IB Diploma candidates around the world went ‘psych’ after Math paper 1. LOL. But today’s paper 2 was cake, although I’m not really sure whether I can get a 6 or not for the average Math score.

I’ve done my first week of finals, currently 35.714285% from FREEDOM. I have 9 more papers to do over 2 weeks. Tomorrow I don’t have any exams.. so I’m staying home. Haha! Good luck chemistry people. I’m so glad I didn’t take that subject, ^^.

Anyways, just now, found something interesting. just uploaded an Indonesian scanlators group’s releases. This is the first time I’ve seen that an Indonesian scanlation group scanlated a manga licensed by Elex Media Komputindo, and translated it into English; when other groups haven’t scanlated it before.

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