SPH 2008 Graduates at Kompas

Posted by vpatrickd on June 2, 2008

Today’s Kompas (Monday June 02, 2008 ) newspaper features the students graduating from SPH class of 2008.
I’ve been hoping that my photo would be displayed, as tomorrow is my mom’s birthday, I want to somehow make it as a birthday present to her. And there it is.. on page 40 of June 2nd’s Kompas newspaper.

I’m very happy after my mom sent me a sms saying she was delighted. Today, is probably the happiest day of my life. Nothing is better than the feeling of joy you get when your parents are proud of you. I am grateful to God for all His blessings. Pardon my arrogance, but today is a very happy day for me so I don’t really care if I sound so.

Done with high school! Moving on..


3 Responses to “SPH 2008 Graduates at Kompas”

  1. cs_1912 said

    i saw you on that newspaper too.
    congratz for the graduation and keep doing great.

  2. WhySoSerious? said

    You fool. High School means nothing. What is education? Trash! You don’t know what life is all about. You’ll know later. Right now, feel free to laugh, celebrate and do anything you like.

  3. vpatrickd said

    lol. life is meant to be abundant.
    if education is trash.. then you’re probably the most depressed person ever in the world.

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