Life at IU

Posted by vpatrickd on August 31, 2008

To further my study, I decided to come here to Indiana University at Bloomington. I’m taking Entrepreneurship as my major. Those of you who do not know what that word means, look it up yourself, it’s good to learn new words each day. Anyways, this is the first post that I’ve typed for a while, ever since my graduation at SPH. I’m now here, in a computer lab inside my dorm building, with nothing to do while waiting for my clothes to be cleaned in the washing machines downstairs.. So I decided to type a blog post.

IU is short for Indiana University. I don’t know whether I can survive here, because… the food is expensive and not-so-good. I prefer Indonesian food way more than western (no offense). Aside from the food, I like being here. Bloomington is a nice and quiet town, with only 1 shopping mall. I’m not a city kind of boy, so I’m glad I ended up here. To my surprise, there’s a lot of Indonesian people studying here. And what’s better, almost all of them play Defense of the Ancients (DotA), the game that brought down my year 12 IB score LOL. Anyways, I’m starting to like being here…


One Response to “Life at IU”

  1. karen said

    hmm i think you are trying to say the opposite :p
    as long as you eat the not-so-good and expensive food, you will survive. otherwise, you won’t. hahahaha.

    PS: you might want to learn cooking :p hihi.

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