Internet Thieves

Posted by vpatrickd on December 11, 2008

The internet is full of thieves and hypocrites. Be very careful, only put down personal information such as credit card numbers on trusted sites. I came across this site one day: FreelanceHomeWriters.
That site basically offers cash for writing and posting comments in blogs. They said they’ll ‘pay’ us between $10-$50 dollars per article typed. That’s a lot for freelance writers. It said also in order to get paid, we have to register with the site. And to register, we have to pay $2, a one-time payment with our credit card.

And many people got fooled by this. Here’s a link to people that actually tried it: Click Here. They were all complaining.

Funnily enough, the first FAQ from this get-paid-to-write site states:

How do I know this isn’t a scam?
Answer: Absolutely not! We wouldn’t be able to do business online very long if we were only here to blindly take your money and leave you high and dry. We’ve been online for nearly 6 years now and are very proud to be legit!

Date of domain creation according to WhoIs: 29 Aug 2007, which is just a year ago. Lol.

Be careful, never type your personal information on untrusted sites.


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