Crunchyroll Revolution – An open letter to shinji…

Posted by vpatrickd on January 2, 2009

As some of you might know, took away ‘user-upload videos’ feature and moved into ‘licensed-legal streaming’ feature, provided directly by the licensors. The famous Naruto Shippuuden will be aired at just one hour after it shows in Japan in HD (for those that are willing to pay $7 a month). The HD quality will be available for free 1 week after it airs in Japan.

But what I’m concerned here is not the animes. It’s the dramas and movies in general. This change was carried out by deleting ALL user-uploaded dramas, movies, and music vids. I understand what the admin of the site, shinji, is trying to do. He wants to support legal stuff. But crap..! Crunchyroll was probably the only site where we could watch a whole lot of asian dramas and movies for free. Now that it’s been taken down, those that go to crunchyroll more for dramas than animes have no idea where to go.

I wanted to congratulate shinji, for the hard work he’s done getting the permission to stream licensed animes. But I wish you hear the thoughts of people who goes to your site in search for dramas, not animes (like me). Even if you want to upload legalized dramas straight from the licensor, what are the chances of that happening? Lots of dramas that were available on crunchyroll were old and completed, and some of them were really good such as One Litre of Tears, Great Teacher Onizuka, Attention Please, Proposal Daisakusen, and many more. I don’t know if this 2009 revolution of yours will bring more or less users to your site. It’ll certainly bring in more anime-watchers since anime fansubbers will start to drop their projects, but unsure about the drama-watchers. You might want to consider that. There’s a good chance this bunch of people will go away in search of other sites that provide asian drama streams, which in turn could lead to decreasing people coming to the site. Surely, you don’t want that to happen. The last thing a website needs is a decreasing number of traffic. Believe me, I’ve been there and it sucks.

There’s also a problem with region blocks, that some countries aren’t able to watch the vids @ crunchyroll. Don’t you think if you didn’t take away user-upload feature, we wouldn’t have such a problem?
I have a feeling you don’t care about the customers (in this case, the # of people going to your website) shinji. Even Facebook is reverting back to its old layout after knowing that a whole lot of users left because the new layout sucks.

So, even though I like the new legal anime HD-stream approach, I think you made a bad decision by taking down all user-uploaded videos (especially the dramas). Why not just take them down when and only if the legal versions are available? If there are no legal versions available, there’s nothing wrong keeping them there, isn’t it? And you do know very well that getting legal versions of the dramas/movies is almost impossible to happen.


6 Responses to “Crunchyroll Revolution – An open letter to shinji…”

  1. Maki-chan said

    I agree with u, a lot of users will leave dat site in search of a new website dat will provide free dramas. most of my cr friends r asian drama fans and not anime fans. i myself is an asian drama fan. da only reason i made an account in crunchyroll was to chat and watch asian dramas for free. now dat it’s gone, i probably wont be going to crunchyroll dat much. I also understand shinji’s good intentions, but he should have thought about it more carefully. i doubt dat those license holders will allow shinji to get a hold of those licensed dramas.

    he’ll probably lose a lot of customers, because da reason to go to cr is gone *sigh* >.<

  2. Okonomiyaki said

    Totally agree.
    I use to spend my night on crunchyroll watching drama and movies. Don’t care about anime …

  3. eskimjoe said

    Watch movies on by

  4. Affiliate said

  5. tyciol said

    Kinda sucks that he took down the user content, he could’ve just limited that to the licensed anime.

  6. hotshot_honey said

    I am really sad about what crunchyroll has done to this once brilliant site for all great asian dramas and movies! I was a huge crunchyroll fan and loved watching asian dramas and movies and sharing views with fellow fans. I understand Shinji’s dilemma in trying to keep it all legal, but I feel crunchyroll has lost it’s shine and entertainment. I’m from the UK and have no chance of watching asian tv and so I heavily depended on crunchyroll. Sadly because of the dramas and movies being removed, I don’t really come to this website any more. It’s a real shame but Crunchyroll has lost a lot of fans as a result. 😦

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