Dragonball Evolution: A joke!

Posted by vpatrickd on April 16, 2009

To be honest, I haven’t actually seen the movie myself. But after reading reviews, I decided I don’t want to. Taken from Yahoo User Reviews of the movie, here are some reviews by Yahoo users that I quote directly:
“They couldn’t even pronounce Gohan correctly”
“Bad as both an adaptation and a movie”
“Not worth the watch”
“Dragon ball received no respect, it got skull dragged ram roded, totally anally raped, and murdered by Fox and Hollywood”
“this is NOT anything like Dragon Ball”
“This movie is the worst nightmare of fans of the original dragon ball”
“Pure Garbage..”
“As a non-Dragonball fan, I was hoping to enjoy the movie based off of it’s own merit, not some preconceived notion that was bastardized by Hollywood”
“I want a refund from FOX studios”

======== Overall rating is C+.

So there you have it. Good job Hollywood and Fox for killing the legendary series.


3 Responses to “Dragonball Evolution: A joke!”

  1. cello85 said

    hilarious lol. Fox Studios is in the toliet.

  2. lentzi said

    I was 90% sure the movie would suck…..and even I was surprised by this garbage. I really don`t get it….do the ones who make adaptations like these even bother to watch some episodes of the cartoon……geez….goku`s a freakin teenager who goes to school, has bully issues and whants to score with Chi Chi and stuff….he has NO tail….they say that humans created the dragonballs….there no sign of nimbus….roshi doesn`t have anything to do with turtles and looks like a drunk bum :))….and alot of other stupid stuff like this….shamefull

  3. dah lama banget bro gk blogging lagi 🙂

    gw jg baru mulai lagi haha

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