iD|Virtuoso is vpatrickd’s gaming tag.

vpatrickd is a nickname for a boy named Patrick. He loves soccer, basketball and playing games, especially ‘Defense of the Ancients’ (DotA) and StarCraft 2.

vpatrickd is now a beta-tester for DotA 2 and the Indonesian language translation leader for it.

vpatrickd is currently a full-time student at Indiana University in Bloomington, a small city 2-hours away from Indianapolis. He is majoring in entrepreneurship and information process management, two of the many great majors that Kelley School of Business has to offer, with the hope to be successful in the future.

He was a candidate for IB Diploma, which is an international curriculum set by an organization called International Baccalaureate. He is struggling, but is getting used to it. He is now a IB Graduate with a passing Diploma of Higher Level Business and Management Studies, Higher Level English A2, Higher Level Economics, Mathematics, Environmental Studies, and Bahasa Indonesia A1.

vpatrickd used to be the administrator of, an Indonesian DotA Community. He made the community from scratch, following the formats of the previous two indo-dota(s) community. But he gave up and is no longer managing any site.

vpatrickd will revolutionize the eSports industry in Indonesia, nuff said


9 Responses to “About”

  1. denhurd said

    Welcome back!! 😀

  2. cs_1912 said

    well, you need to change some element of your “ABOUT ME” page.
    so you have no intention to revive indodota again? 🙂

  3. vpatrickd said

    like what? 😀
    no, no such intention.

  4. denhurd said

    well, please add me again to your blogroll list… 😀

  5. cs_1912 said

    like the “vpatrickd is now the administrator of…” yeah sort of that…
    well, by the way.
    dota allstars 6.52 is out…
    look it at

  6. cs_1912 said

    well it’s still not up…
    they haven’t sent the confirmation email yet…
    damn it…

  7. aatblog said

    belom pernah mampir yak gw di mari,…
    maaf ya, soalnya juga baru ta nih VpD,…
    ups,.. soryy,.. english only kayaknya,.. ehmm.. em,..

    Anyway,.. i’m done … ^_^v

  8. blogwalking.. 🙂

  9. vickwinata said

    Hey Pat, its vick again. I have moved to a new blog and getting more serious to blogging than ever.

    Please add me to your blogroll.

    I have added yours on mine

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