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Archive for the ‘Games’ Category – Coming (Back) Soon

Posted by vpatrickd on November 28, 2011

Hell, it’s about time Original Banner

Dengan mulainya phase closed beta DotA 2, akan dihidupkan kembali setelah beberapa lama bertahun-tahun mati. Komunitas ini dulunya sangat terkenal karena memuat banyak info tentang DotA di saat popularitas DotA belum begitu besar. Guide-guide heronya yang berkualitas merupakan salah satu unsur yang paling dicari oleh orang-orang saat mereka register di komunitas ini. Jujur aja, dulu saat OrangeMood masih menjadi admin bersama CookieMonster, gw join websitenya hanya untuk menggali informasi tentang cara main DotA sama nyari guide buat hero-hero tertentu. Nggak lama kemudian, gw mulai aktif di komunitas, dari Guide Maker jadi Moderator jadi Admin buat generasi ke tiga komunitasnya.

Tentunya popularitas DotA di Indonesia sudah mulai menurun karena ada Point Blank, RF Online, dll. Tapi beberapa orang masih tetap stick to DotA, dan server Indogamers tetap makmur diisi oleh banyak pemain DotA. Karena alasan ini, akan kembali dihidupkan.
Sementara ini, gw yakin ngga banyak orang yang dapat main DotA 2 di Indonesia. Jangan kuatir. Sebentar lagi, DotA 2 akan dapat dimainkan oleh kalian smua. Gw ngomong gini bukan berarti Valve bakal setuju ama proposal gw, tetapi kalo emang bisa jalan kerjasamanya, berarti bakal jadi berita baik bagi penggemar DotA di Indonesia.

By the way, DotA 2 akan hadir dalam Bahasa Indonesia juga. ^^


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DotA 2 First Impression

Posted by vpatrickd on November 21, 2011

DotA2 logo

DotA 2 baby!

Just got into DotA 2 beta this past weekend.
It worked flawlessly for me even though it’s still in the early stages of the beta. User interface was easy-to-navigate.
It has all the things you loved about DotA and turned it into a more beautiful, breath-taking graphics.

But with new awesome features:
– Reconnect. No more games shall be ruined due to bad internet connection
– Watch (DotATV). You can join ongoing games and become a spectator – a perfect way to learn from the pros
– Matchmaking. Coz every game needs it.
– Search bar in shops. No need to waste time looking for items.
– Fully customizable hotkeys. For both skills and items. You may choose to use Legacy hotkeys for skills (hotkeys for the original DotA)

My only disappointment is that there’s no patrol key. It’s hard to micro your units when this thing is non-existent.Warcraft3 had this command and it was very useful in the original DotA especially when using heroes like Chen.

Nonetheless, it’s still an awesome game. If you haven’t yet received your beta key, make sure you sign up for beta from and fill in the survey there.

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Starcraft 2: Wings of Liberty BETA Cracked

Posted by vpatrickd on March 1, 2010

I’ll get straight to the point. If you don’t have a beta key, but you want to play single player/just try building stuff and play against AI, then you’ve come to the right place.

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DotA 6.58 Beta Preview on Xmas

Posted by vpatrickd on December 27, 2008

IceFrog revealed a new interesting change for version 6.58. One aspect of the new map is the remake of Storm Spirit. Details are not out yet but IceFrog did post some pictures of the new SS in action. Click to Continue Reading

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